First Name : Dr.Velmurugan.D
  Speciality : Siddha & Homoeopathy
  Clinic Name : Kailai Nathan Sugam Vaidyasala
  Address :
(Working in)


V.G.P. Salai,

Saidapet (West)

Chennai 600 015

  Land Mark : Opp to Annai Velankanni College
  Mobileno/Phoneno : +91 - 44 24717943
+91 - 9789815759
+91 - 9381199330
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A new Siddha Clinic is starting on our Residence Treatment is being given by medical practitioners from hereditary Siddha Family by intensive & untiring practical field. General, Chronic diseases and hereditary diseases like mentioned below.

Gout, Knee joint pain swelling and inflammation, numbness/irritation.
Polio, Paralysis of hand, Leg and face.
Black spots, Skin diseases, Purulent boils & Lichen.
Leprosy, Leukoderma, White patches, Blemish/discolouration of skin.
Athelete’s foot, Cracks, Purulent wounds.
Asthma, Eosinophylia, Sinus, Continuous Sneezing, Cough & Phlegm, Respiratory disorder, Nose congestion & Running nose.
Tuberculosis-T.B., Chronic cough.
Bloodpresure, Hypertension.
Psychosomatic fear, Fatique, Restlessness, Sleeplessness.
Heart diseases – Blocks/Clots, Holes, Swelling.
Impotence, Spermatolysis, Nervous debility & Fatique.
White discharge, Dysmenorrhoea.
Chronic head-ache/heaviness.
Cancer of various types.
Dandruff, Loss of hair, Premature graying of hair, Browning hair.
Piles, Fistula, Boil/crack in anus.
Dental pain, Caries, Gums disorder, Pyorrhoea.
Epilepsy, imbecility, Loss of memory.
Urinary infections/stones.
Pimples, Facial dryness, Blemishes.
All are being cured by internal and external medicines and Therapies.
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